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Having spent last couple of outings down at the jail, I decided to venture up to Millers and have a look see Tues. The last time I was there the rock snot was so bad, I literally turned around and left. Hated seeing that khaki color stream bed and toilet paper hatch. Anyhow, I arrived just as the water was dropping. After chatting with a newly retired gentlemen who gets to fish everyday (to be so lucky)- I hit river right with a pheasant tail. Plying the usual runs, sizable bows were definitely taking advantage of the diminishing flow. Several slot fish gave a great fight and some of the smaller bows had some pudge to them. Not sure if it was egg laden females, or just typical chunks.
When the water dropped, it seemed lower than what I remembered. I kept an eye out for redds, but didn't notice any. Not saying that there weren't any around - so hopefully I wasn't that guy Shawn mentioned.
I found a slot of feeding fish and managed a few on a blackfly dry. The water being slow and gin clear, those fish were wise to my game fairly quick. The wind also started to pick up with some irritating gusts. Wanting to move down, there were people in every hole, so headed over river left. Fish were rising all over and not a soul around. I broke out a caddis, and began picking up fish about every other cast. Pods of jake browns - mostly cookie cutter 12" - were a blast to round out the afternoon. Every now and then a sizable, renegade bow would stir the water into a froth trying to throw that hook. Got to love surprises. Maybe not too surprising was a very sporatic sulphur hatch, don't know if I'd call it a hatch per say, but there were some fluttering about.
Some pudge

Jake - nice teeth

This guys had been caught alot, Inoticed alot of hook damage on the other side...
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