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Originally Posted by Waterborn View Post
When the water dropped, it seemed lower than what I remembered. I kept an eye out for redds, but didn't notice any. Not saying that there weren't any around - so hopefully I wasn't that guy Shawn mentioned.
The Miller's area is laden with Redds and they will become more apparent in the next few weeks. I was not trying to be condescending in my spawn post; just wanted to share an FYI for those that are interested. I really do not think fishermen walking on the beds are their biggest risk. Just something to think about and be aware of...
Originally Posted by Waterborn View Post
Fish were rising all over and not a soul around. I broke out a caddis, and began picking up fish about every other cast.
I like to fish small dry caddis flies as midge imatations. The float and present super well. Plus, the fish seem to not care if they are caddis or midges. Note; midge emergers (18-20) have been working very well for me when fishing to a rise. Even though you cannot see the fly; let it present and keep your line ready for a take. Also; dropper rigs are good to get those bottom fish. I like to use a splitshot drop ahead of a nymph.
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