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Originally Posted by Waterborn View Post
...........I actually do use a small elk hair ( Tiemco 501 #22) for both a midge and black fly dry. I hate fooling with that small of hackle so goin x caddis style works just as good. I know that in spring there are some sizable caddis that do come off and as well as those fish were feeding, I figured why not. Lot of times I'll fish a caddis with a midge emerger dropper, or a with sulpher and so on, but with just enough tag to keep the emerger in the upper column. Another way to do it, is do the indicator and shot, then lengthen your distance from the shot to your emerger - then the key here is frogs fanny your emerger. It'll float up tethered and the fanny puts a bubbly sheath on the fly and reinforces the emerging look. High sticking works, but I usually do that in the park.
Thanks for the replies guys...
Nice setup~I bet it works very well. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to post it...
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