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You say "(harder=stiffer)". I have found that a metal's hardness has virtually nothing to do with its stiffness or "springyness" before reaching its yield point (permanently distorts). However, hardness has everything to do with the metal's resistance to penetration, thus its wear resistance.

Usually, but not always, harder metals are more brittle. Metal tends to flex, yield and then break when under a load. As hardness increases, the yield portion narrows and they tend to go from flex to break with very little or no yield at all.

I have seen arrow broadhead penetration tests similar to the one you describe with hooks. With static tests it can be nearly impossible to push some broadheads through leather compared to other broadhead designs. However, DYNAMIC tests of these same two designs show there is VERY little difference in the required force for penetration.

I suspect the same is true with the two different hooks. It may be more of a marketing gimmick than a real concern. No proof, just guessing.

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