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Originally Posted by milligan trout degree View Post
Awesome fish! We're most caught on poppers? If you don't mind me asking, what are my float trip options like in the FB? I've got a one man pontoon boat and would need a put in and take out spot. Paddling back up a long way isn't really an option. I've considered floating from the dam to the 66 bridge, but I don't know how much slow/dead water runs through there.
All the fish I caught today were on a size 4 red/white blockhead popper.
Your float options are limited to the twra boat access unless you know land owners. The dam to 66 bridge is OK but a lot of flat water to row or paddle through. unless you have the toon reg. and a trolling motor on it, it would be a very tiring float. The FB has a lot of long flat slow sections with shoal sections mixed in between, so anywhere you access, you have some paddling or rowing to do.
I haven't been to 66 bridge access in several weeks , but someone told me that it is now closed because they are about to begin construction on the bridge. I had another access downstream but the landowner has decided to close it to the public due to drug usage and thievery going on at night in the parking area. He had some scrap metal stolen from the property. He actually caught some fishermen loading it in their boat.
I haven't driven over there this year, but read on another forum that the Forks of the river access has been closed also. This is the main reason I went back to a canoe. I generally paddle upstream and float back.

David, Thanks, I'm always saying I wish I had your mad big brown trout skills.

Darrin, We need to get everyone together again sometime!
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