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What was wrong with your posting etiquette? Looks like a fine post to me, and thanks for sharing your trip..

Great job on keeping the campsite so clean. I was in the park with my Father-In-Law over the weekend, when we arrived the camp site was littered so we did a bit of cleaning around our chosen fire ring before heading out to fish.. When we got back from fishing, a troop of boy scouts had arrived and had done the rest of the cleaning around the other 3 fire rings.

Looks like you and your boys had a very good time! My son had his first backpacking trip last year and he's very eager to do it again this Summer.

You could try fluorocarbon tippet if you find fish are going for cover under submerged logs like that - it is a bit more abrasion resistant than nylon tippet. When I fish hopper/dropper, I use fluoro between the first and second flies.

My other suggestion would be to fish with one of the guys from this board via the "fishing buddy hookup thread". I have been coming to the park to fly fish for 19 years now, but am still a complete amateur as I have had around 30 trips in that time.. A local can get more fishing time in the park this month than I can in a lifetime. Last month I fished with tnflyfisher above Elkmont. I spent a lot of time during our trip watching him - he gets out fishing a lot more than me. He outcaught me 4:1, but I gained valuable knowledge by watching him and asking questions.

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