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Originally Posted by hookedontrout View Post
Our wild trout fishing experience consists mostly of plunge pools so this was a different type of stream for us with lots of riffles and runs. If anyone has any advice, we sure would appreciate it (HELP!). We used Tellico nymphs with a BHPT dropper for the most part. In the late afternoons, we used Yellow Sallies and Yellow EHC's, with nymph droppers
Great report!
What site was this...

Sounds like you are on the right track to me... what I may recommend is try using a longer leader. I routinely use 9'+ leaders in the park even on small streams. I find it gives your fly just a little bit longer to drift/float around without being affected by drag. Stay concealed, use a longer leader, drift, drift, drift and then drift some more. Try to fish each run a little longer then you normally would and I bet that will get you some more strikes as well. Don't worry so much about what fly you throw, just give all the fish in the run a chance to see your fly before moving upstream.

Originally Posted by mattblick View Post
Last month I fished with tnflyfisher above Elkmont. I spent a lot of time during our trip watching him - he gets out fishing a lot more than me. He outcaught me 4:1, but I gained valuable knowledge by watching him and asking questions.
You have almost got me convinced that I might actually know what I'm doing... thanks!

Tight Lines,
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