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Thanks for sharing your findings with us. I really enjoyed the pictures of the points..

Originally Posted by Knothead View Post
I use the cheapest hooks I can buy and have never had any trouble. In the 15+ years I have been tying, I have only had one hook break when I mashed the barb before starting to tie. Never had one break or bend while playing a fish.
Nice study. I'm sure some will find it helpful.
I'm the same; cheap hooks! I bought thousands of old stock (some from the 50s!) Mustad hooks on ebay 2 years ago after reading this and this posted on the roughfisher blog.

I'll be using these cheap hooks on flies the rest of my life; catching some fish and missing others. But by using the cheap hooks, I always have an excuse ready for people out catching me.. "If I was using those fancy hooks that cost a quarter a piece I would have out fished you for sure, but my flies are tied with hooks that were 20 cents for 100."

I wasn't able to buy old Mustads to cover all sizes. I'm using some Gamakatsu B10S hooks now to tie Stealth Bombers for a trip to Craigs Creek near Roanoke, VA next month - going to have to come up with a new excuse!
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