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Great report. I'm about to embark on the same outing with my 10 year old son. He's decided he wants to tackle the full backcounty experience and fish where the "bears are".
At any rate, I think another great technique to use for small stream and pocket water is highsticking. I like to pitch a weighted nymph up and across into the white water, keeping your line off the water "high and tight" as it were as you follow your rod tip through the run or pocket, letting your fly tick the bottom. Most of the time those fiesty bows will hook themselves and you'll feel it. Sometimes you'll just see the leader twitch and since your line is tight, just a small hookset is all thats needed. It takes some practice to get the feel, but its killer on mountain streams. It also keeps a lot of line off the water and keeps from dealing with all those crazy cross currents, issues with possible slack, and no indicator to constantly adjust with varying depths.
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