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Originally Posted by milligan trout degree View Post
Thanks though I suspect it has more to do with the fish being dumber some days more than others. I began targeting warmwater species almost exclusively last year.I haven't caught a trout in over a year now though I began fly fishing on the south holston and watauga rivers.
Man, I wish i could catch them on those "dumb" days. Everytime I go they are Harvard graduates!

I am definitely gettin more into the warmwater pursuits. It has been 4 months since I have stepped foot into a trout stream. I miss it too, but I am only going to fish for trout up in the smokies mainly. The South Holston is probably my favorite. Maybe even more so than the White in Arkansas. It may not have the numbers of large trout like the White, but the numerous 16-18 browns make up for that in my eyes. The few tailwaters close to me have not been stocked in ages and not looking to be anytime soon. I'd rather pursue wild trout anyways!
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