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Originally Posted by appalachian angler View Post
It sure is nice to have the Clinch back ain't it? Thanks for sharing your success with us!

Or lack therof! I spent a few hours Saturday morning after the 9-10 pulse and had no luck. There was no obvious activity as the water drained down the first 90 minutes. As the water stabilized I started seeing rises but no obvious hatch.

Tried the following:
No indicator, standard size midge
Wooly Booger (sp?) as the water was still a bit high from the 1 gen pulse
Midge with pheasent tail dropper
Midge under indicator

Checked the fly periodically and routinly had snot coverage so I assumed I was getting deep enough. Maybe too deep?

Only action was when something nailed my indicator! Will use a small dry from now on as has been suggested here.

There were a few folks out but not combat fishing by any means. Saw a few others have success but it appeared most of us were flailing away. Felt if I had another hour may have had some luck, however if I stayed another hour the boss may restrict future trips!

I'll figure out this river yet.
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