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Yeah, it can be frustrating sometimes...the good ol' Grinch as its sometimes called. Really though, 90% of the time I'm fishing and indicator, shot, and pt/midge dropper combo. Most of the time its just a midge, but since its spring and sulphur are about to be full throttle, a small pt will usually get more action for me this time of year. When I see rises I'll switch accordingly. On falling water I have to add some shot to get the fly down, if I'm catching grass (or snot) then I'll drop the indicator a couple of inches. A scud is a good falling water fly too, though I mainly use em on overcast days.
Sometimes fresh stockers will have a field day on indicators - slap a hook on it just for any rate, your determination to figure it out and that you are attentive to whats going on the water already has you ahead of the game...won't be long.
May you find a rise in every puddle... - WATERBORN
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