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SA lines are all I fish... I have fished a mastery and GPX line hard for three to four years now with virtually no upkeep. I just recently replaced one with the new SA troutstalker. I never used sharkskin but this line feels just like a normal fly line other than making a little noise going through the guides. It seems to cast fine to me and I would assume can get you a little extra distance when fishing bigger water due to reduced friction. I like that it has a longer head with compound tapers. It feels great in close but also easy to accurately lay out some line as well. So far I have only fished dries but presentation is about what you would expect for a trout line. Not sure if I needed to really spend the extra $ though... for trout I love using just the normal mastery series. If you haven't fished one yet, I would say try a normal SA mastery trout line first to see what you think.

Tight Lines,
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