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Default Hugh & Corbo

Hi Corbo & Hugh:

Andy Brasko here, I had a computor virus that when it was finally was removed destroyed all my E-mails, Contact list, and had to have the computor system re-imaged and completely restored to factory level. The virus was so bad I had to also scrub my external hard drive as well due to a re-infection. So I lost eeything. I have lossed Sarah weeks contact and just found the website tonight. I am still planning on tying on Sunday as scheduled at Troutfest, but am now having to contact about six to seven cabin rentals to see which one that I have reservations with. I just wanted to make sure that all knows that I am a live and well and will resume posting, I am in catch up mode at this point and time. I had to create and try and replace a lot of NJ TU State Council documnets as well. I feel I have been in fast forward mode for about three weeks so far.

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