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Originally Posted by BigMax View Post
..i started getting frustrated especially since i have been wearing em out lately. In an act of desperation or just boredom of watching the drift i tied on a black non weighted woolly bugger and started catching a fish every other cast.....

im still a little confused what the trout were eating and im looking for insight. I dont think they were eating sulfers or any other largish hatch. so were they eating emergers or nymphs?

here is what was hatching about a size 16

You know what that pretty little gem is...

Go small on your indicator if you are using yarn as it can distract the fish this time of year. I prefer stickies right now as Corbo has turned me on to them.

Try these flies on a 2'-3' drop.

  • Black Fly with puff (reliable)
  • BWO Biot Nymph
  • October Caddis Nymph [Works great right now for a sulfur nymph] (Hottest for big trout on the bottom)
  • Quasimodo PHT (Hot)

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