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Hugh; I will try to find "proof" but the issues have long since been tossed out though I may have some in my storage locker in Pigeon Forge.

Paul Guernsey was editor for many years and one of my best freinds (he's since retired) and he took zillions of photos of me with BIG trout and other fish that appeared in his articles.

Some choice words from Paul about me a few years ago:

Back in the 90's Paul took some really cool pictures of my hands and big trout with a night vision scope mounted on a camera... it was the first time anyone had used night vision equipment to hunt big brown trout after dark and it made the cover...

An article about brook trout fishing Paul wrote... he likes to break my balls.

To get the older articles you must pay a fee. Bummer and I don't know how to get the pics off their website.

I should invite Paul down here to fish with you Hugh but Paul is a liberal and as much as I love the guy he did have an Obama sticker on his truck when he showed up to take me up to Lyford Camps...... I had him remove it for his own safety.... the up-country Maine rednecks are an interesting lot.
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