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Default The Best Part of the Story

An important part of the story that William excluded was that Jeff, the young guy that was lost, was mad as a fire cracker. He would repeat again and again that he was really upset and surprised that everywhere he went he could not find a single exit sign anywhere. At that point, I was wondering if it was a a gag but they were too worried. It gets even better...when the Ranger arrived. He reviewed the scene. He looked at the two lost people who were wearing soaked blue jeans, tennis shoes, and T-shirts. Then he looked at me with all my hiking and camping clothing. Lastly, he reviewed how obviously smart my brother was and promptly asked my brother William, "So, you must be Jeff." I couldn't contain my laughter. He was self evident to the ranger that the tender foot that got lost was William. So, when you read anything he types...keep that in mind!
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