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Wow, what a great trip! I am thinking of doing this trail in October. Have you ever taken Forney Ridge Trail all the way down to 71? I will have 4 days and 3 nights instead of 6&5 and want to be sure I won't be rushed to make miles.

Also do you guys use underquilts or are you still using sleeping pads? I bought a double layer hammock and would like to avoid the cost of an underquilt until I know I like it. Slipping my sleeping pad between the layers seems an ideal way to stay on top of it -- but in reading hammock forums a lot of the frequent posters seem to have an attitude of "only the underquilt" or you aren't comfortable.

Originally Posted by tnflyfisher View Post
MB was emailing me fishing reports from the backcountry on Noland Creek when he was there last week. I assume that he must have found mobile service out there somewhere in order to do so...
Tight Lines,
I can send 41 character messages for 10 cents each with my SPOT connect satellite device, but I actually had cellular reception on Noland, which is why I was also receiving your replies.

There are a lot of places in the back country that you can get service if you just walk up the nearest ridge. Above Elkmont seems to be the exception however, haven't been able to find service there at all.

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