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My best guess is that you might land him if he wasn't too ticked off. LOL The tip is super, super flexible and you are limited to a 6X tippet - so most likely the tippet would break first. Maybe.

I guess I should fess up here and say that while tenkara fishing was a fun side-show from my regular rods and reels, I've since sold the rod and gone back to fishing "western" gear. I simply didn't get that much out of it - although fun, it's nothing I can't do with my 4 wt. You just have to know how to mend line, a skill that I get right at least half the time.

Fad or not, tenkara was fun for a while and it would be good for kids and it IS cheaper to outfit yourself with a tenkara set up. But a 22 inch ticked off brown? I dunno. LOL
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