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Some very nice flies you've tied up! You have the baitfish patterns covered very well with minnow and sculpin patterns as well as some bottom bouncing crayfish patterns. really like the mohair crayfish. tie some of those in olive/orange also for molting crayfish. Fish em under an indicator! I would add some more topwater flies in firetiger wiggle minnows, some black and yellow or chart green poppers.
3 different sounds for topwater are covered then with a popper, a wiggle minnow, and a slider/ gurgling stealth bomber sound. sometimes just a slight different sound makes all the difference.
Add in some mid depth free drifting flies like a tequeeley or autumn splendor. got to have some yellow rubber legs! A beadhead fly like those will hover a foot or two down as you drift with those legs pulsating without getting hung up on grass or in the rocks. Ask Randy Ratliff how well these patterns work up on his home smallie rivers in the grass beds.
Hope these suggestions will add to your arsenal of smallie catchers.
maybe Darrin, Mike (appalachian angler) and Lynn (No Hackle) will add some more suggestions.
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