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Less fish down lower... I have no scientifical data to back up my opinion on this. However, I do know that the water definitely is warmer in the later summer months down lower. That being said, I do not know why for sure, and others may disaagree with me. It may just be that down lower there are larger deeper pools which make catching some of the trout out of them harder..?? I catch larger rainbows below the sinks and down to the Y, however odly enough I have caught more large browns above the sinks and even miles above elkmont. It seems that down lower there is also less diversity in fish size. Seldom do I catch a 3 inch bow down low, but it happens all the time up higher. I think there could also be less holding water between large holes, which in turn equals less fish. Again, just my own thoughts. Would love to hear others opinions on the subject.
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