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Default reporting back...

today we had great success on LeConte Creek with the #14 Yellow Sallys. I caught 5 brookies, son caught 5, granddad caught 1.

Went up to Elkmont, hiking a mile up from the campground, and I didn't really like it. The water really pushes you around and it's a lot more stressful fishing. Long casts, getting a good drift A LOT harder.

I spent a lot of my time worrying about my 12 year old son and my dad. You've got to wade through quite a bit of fast, deep water to get to good spots. You fish the good spot, and then you're out there in the middle of the river and have to somehow get back!

I got two bites while I was there, and my dad caught a 8 inch rainbow.

They can have all my part of "Elkmont". I guess I'm just not a "big water" fisher - it's a PIA.

It was also the only place where I actually encountered other fishermen.
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