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Originally Posted by PeteCz View Post
Bob, that's a great looking rod, especially for a first time build. I have always wondered about bamboo, but since I can't cast a graphite rod with any skill, I've assumed that it would be best to not consider wasting my time/money on bamboo.

But it may be time to build one, even if I end up giving it away...Did you go with a ferruled or non-ferruled blank? Where did you go for the other hardware?

I think I need a project....
Thanks, Pete. It doesn't look as good as if Mike or Stan built it, but I was pretty pleased. I bought a ferruled blank. Dennis Stone does a great job. Like you, I thought my pathetic casting skills would get magnified by the bamboo action, however, I found that the additional mass in the bamboo actually slows down my casting stroke so that I feel the rod load much better than with my graphite rods. The jury is still out but I feel like it will make me a better caster in the long run. Oh, and one immediate benefit is that it roll casts like a dream.

With the exception of the agate stripper, I bought the guides from I bought the reel seat from I probably could have gotten everything from where I ended up buying the agate stripping guide and wrapping thread.

It was a fun project. I highly recommend it. Even buying the ferruled blank you can keep the price under $500. By the way, I didn't buy an extra tip. My logic was that I didn't know if I would keep it, and if I did, I knew I was going to make a second rod. (I have 2 sons. ;-)

I think I'm a bamboo convert if not evangelist.
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