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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
Flies look great, but IMO you are over complicating a very simple game. If you enjoy throwing and fishing lots of different stuff than more power to you, and have at it. But if you like to keep things simple, you can go to any smallmouth water in this state with 2 flies and catch as many fish as you wish.

Some folks like to experiment, and that is their PR, for me I want simplicity and ease.

Good luck and post some pics when you get back.
I couldn't agree more. I know a bunch of patterns is unnecessary, but I have two hobbies. Fly fishing and fly tying. When I fished for trout mostly, I tied mostly out of necessity. Now that I primarily tie for bass, I tie just because I enjoy tying. I'm always looking for new patterns to tie. Some I may never fish, others I'll give away on the stream somewhere. I also believe someone could take an olive wooly bugger and catch trout, bass, crappie, carp, bluegill, etc anywhere in the country. Sometimes, it's fun to catch them on something new though. I've got plenty of flies to last me this season and probably the next few seasons, but I'll continue to tie a dozen or two a week.
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