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Originally Posted by tnflyfisher View Post
If you are hooking fish even remotely close in size to what you are claiming, I say don't sweat it... I would imagine that those bigger fish are pretty highly pressured along the MP and getting them on the end of your line is the real accomplishment. Anyone can lose a big fish, happens to me all the time... However, not everyone can convince them to bite though... sounds like you have a leg up on a lot of folks when it comes to fishing the MPLR and I tip my hat to you...

Tight Lines,
I can't talk about a fish I hooked, but I can talk about one that I saw...

Probably 10 years ago in the fall I was pool hopping up the MP fishing a BHPT or such under an orange yarn indicator. I snuck up on a plunge pool and dropped straight down in the eddy right in the corner...and one of the larger browns I have ever put my eyes on floated up and grabbed my indicator.

I would have been proud of that fish if it came out of the N. Platte. It was scary big. Maybe in the 20's. Shoot, almost surely in the 20's.

I haven't fished that water in several years. The last couple of times I fished along the road I shared the water with an otter. One time the SOB would race me to the next pool. If you think wet boot tracks are bad news, try to fish behind an otter.

That water used to be pretty fair fishing, but I gave up on it.
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