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Smile Continued

With my ziplock full of rainbows, I was glad I was entering Brookie land as this was what I was after. She was subtle in color except for her beautiful polka dots

And this one was a bit bolder in color

I was lost in a blissfull daze of beauty and fish. It was like a great dream

And like in a great dream I landed my monster Brookie. Somewhere around 9 1/4"

I caught some more beauties, and was glad they were starting to hit the dry at a good rate (still not enough to make me drop the dropper)

And then this beauty showed up, and gave a great fight running from one undercut rock to another, then down to the next pool. It felt like tailwater fishing

It a tough life fishing water like this - but I guess someone's got to do it

I broke off my fly about 100 yards down from where the stream hit the trail and decided to call it a day. While it wasn't one of those days where you can catch multiples in a pool, it was some great fishing and you won't find me complaing a bit.

Well that all changed when I got into cell range and got a voicemail from the wife saying the water heater exploded all over the garage around 1:30. Now I have no hot water tonight, and need to take a bath Mt. Leconte Lodge style with a bucket and rag. I'll try to keep my great day in my mind and keep my complaining to a minimum.

And Corbo - I hope you appreciate my sarcasm. I wish I could make you younger or heal your foot because you have a precious gem in your backyard.

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