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Great to see you are enjoying the bugs and the fish as well.
Yesterday I took my middle son out was his gift to me for my birthday ;^). We were able to get on some bream beds on Guntersville then headed to our home creek for a little smallie action. We both had about two dozen bream and a few smallies a piece but no real size.

As the days get longer and hotter sometimes those smaller flies can entice a bite when nothing else will. My dad was adamant about just letting them sit for 10 seconds before you move them. Can't recall the number of times he would hook up with a big fish that was simply sitting under the bug as it splashed down and then a simple take about the 9-10 second mark.

My dad once said he had people report from 7 countries with over 40 different types of fish that have been caught on the one bugs, including cutthroat, rainbows, browns and even grayling. So yes the trout will eat them too.
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