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Originally Posted by HuskerFlyFisher View Post
First off, let me say I've never kept a fish, because I don't know how to clean fish.

I also get the impression that the GSMNP has a pretty liberal policy of your being able to "keep" five fish per day because they are confident that the fisherman that can actually bring 5 to hand is going to be a rare bird.
Easy, best way to clean trout is to just cut the underbelly from back to front and dispose of all the entrails. Cutting off the head is optional. If you do plan to keep some trout, go ahead and do this right after catching them. This will help to preserve freshness. Also, try to keep them cool and moist for the rest of the day until dinner time if possible. Overall, keeping a few fish is not going to hurt the stream...

As far as the creel limit, not so sure if it has much to do with perceived angler skill but that definitely gave me a laugh... I get all nervous and antsy if I only manage to bring 5 to hand. Guess that makes me a rare bird...

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