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Originally Posted by No Hackle View Post
You might have to go to Matt and Steve with the fisheries dept., but some time ago they did an experiment on a stream where fisherman were to keep everything they caught no matter the size within a certain time period. The stream rebounded and the following year the numbers and the size were the same as the previous years. Eat and be merry. I bet if you kept a limit every time it would make no difference.
I'm pretty sure their data concluded fisherman had no impact on the fish. Hence the reason we can now catch & eat Brookies. I took the monster Brookie that I tore up when removing the hook and 4 big rainbows home yesterday My buddy ran by this morning to pick them up and feasted on them tonight for dinner.

The easiest way to learn to clean a trout besides having someone show you is to simply watch a you tube video. That's what I did.
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