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This is a great looking fly, definitely going to give it a shot.

Anyone know a "cheap" way to get 1/4" closed cell foam tubes? Spending 35 cents per fly on just the foam tube - it just seems there should be a way to do it for less.

You can get a 100' roll of closed cell foam backer rod at any hardware store for about $10.00; but only in Grey.

I read that you can sharpen one end of metal tubing and mount it in a drill to cut out foam - how long should the foam cylinders be? I'd think 1" thick ought to be long enough for this method - I wonder how many foam sheets you'd have to glue together for that 1" of depth to cut, and if several layers of 77 adhesive would affect flotation.


Edit - After some searching I found a recommendation to use a Cork Borer - set of 6 different sizes 5mm - 11mm can be had for about $11. So now all I need is a recommendation for getting a thicker sheet/block of foam to cut the bodies out of..

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