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Originally Posted by mattblick View Post
This is a great looking fly, definitely going to give it a shot.

Anyone know a "cheap" way to get 1/4" closed cell foam tubes? Spending 35 cents per fly on just the foam tube - it just seems there should be a way to do it for less.

You can get a 100' roll of closed cell foam backer rod at any hardware store for about $10.00; but only in Grey.

I read that you can sharpen one end of metal tubing and mount it in a drill to cut out foam - how long should the foam cylinders be? I'd think 1" thick ought to be long enough for this method - I wonder how many foam sheets you'd have to glue together for that 1" of depth to cut, and if several layers of 77 adhesive would affect flotation.


Edit - After some searching I found a recommendation to use a Cork Borer - set of 6 different sizes 5mm - 11mm can be had for about $11. So now all I need is a recommendation for getting a thicker sheet/block of foam to cut the bodies out of..
I have some drill bits designed to cut foam block. I will locate the website _ Found it:
He also sells foam blocks. It's not the easiest way but does work. I have even glued flip flops together to get certain color patterns.

Fortunately my Dad was able to get the cylinders in bulk years ago before they started selling them in packs of 5 2" long posts. I have them in sizes ranging from 1/32 to 3/4 inch and in about 10 colors. Unfortunately I can not seem to find a supplier that will sell in bulk to me anymore.

A small hand held drimmel will work wonders on shaping the bugs as well as making coned bodies or cupped mouths.

As far as bream pulling on the legs. Yes that does happen, but I have also seen days when the legs moving ever so slightly on the water will bring the big fish up to inspect the fly. If you will double up the legs with a medium size round rubber, twist them about 1/4 turn and use a prismacolor marker to run down one size...release and it will give you a perfect striped leg. It tend to show more movement IMHO. I have also found that on certain patterns if you will only put a small set of double stripes near the very end of the legs it looks very much like a dragon fly with wings splayed on the water and has caused some vicious strikes. All that being said I have multiple patterns with no legs only hackle collars and tails that work well too.

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