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Originally Posted by Stana Claus View Post
BTW, if you do keep a couple for the pan, after you remove the entrails run your thumbnail (or a spoon or some such) the length of the spine to remove the large blood vessel that will remain there behind a membrane. I find that doing so before cooking helps make them taste better.
I was trying to give the easy peasy lemon squeezy version but Mr. Claus is correct. I do this as well but figured that a newbie might not want to...

Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
People seem to get heated pretty easily on that board
You don't say...
I very rarely keep any fish whatsoever but if I do, you can bet it's going to be a couple of fat brook trout. Sorry but they just taste the best especially with some lemon and butter... however, I feel that I now need to also experience the Southern style 'cornmeal special' as well...

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