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I ordered some 1/4" cylinders a few days ago in black, chart green and yellow. I had some black 3/8" cylinders for wiggle minnows and tied up a couple on size 6 gama stinger hooks. They look really good and I think they will work great as a cicada. would like to find some olive green cylinders.

I fished the yellow and orange 1 bugs that Wade sent me for two days and probably caught well over 60 bluegill and several rockbass and a few small smallmouth and all I had to do was replace the legs. As he said all you do is cast them and let em sit. I would usually jiggle the rod tip to make the legs wiggle some before I picked up for a recast just in case something was inspecting it. That brought on some lightning strikes.

Would like to take these down to callaway gardens!
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