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Default Excellent Guide North Carolina Side

Had the opportunity at least 11 -12 times to get associated with Ronnie Parris - Bryson City on a very thorough basis. Enough times to have the opportunity to have a bad time. As I searched for a smallmouth guide on Fontana I found a picture online of him on a boat Jan. 1st with it snowing and holding a fish. I was sold instantly. If this guy can fish and guide in those conditions----he's my guy!!!

This fine gentleman is passionate about what he does. When I find passionate in any endeavor I usually find pretty greatness at what they do.

Forte is for sure fly fishing and an excellent smallmouth guide on Fontana.

Very reasonable prices and a great teacher.

HuskerFlyFisher or anyone for that matter, if you would like his contact info for future learning and great memories shoot me an email.

tnflyfisher, your statement about "by the side" of some on this board couldn't have rang the much louder.I would like to meet you sir.

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