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In my 50+ years of fishing in the park I know they have tried to "fish" our the waters of Tremont at least twice...the last time they poisened the stream after the fishout days...years earlier they were trying to rid the stream of bows by requiring that all fish no matter what size but brook trout were to be kept and brought out....the next year was the best fishing number wise and size wise that this stream had seen...the biologist will tell you that these streams do no have an over abundance of food and there is only a specific amount that is available to these fish....without some harvesting of the locals the result is a large number of small fish fighting for a limited amount of food....the average size right now is up due to the effects of the recent droughts on the number of fish....with less fish there is more food available to the remaining fish which allows for more growth per fish...and last but not least the smaller fish do taste the best.
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