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Smile Continued

This next Brookie did the craziest thing. He said, "Thanks 2 weight for reminding ducky to wet his hands" I was shocked!

A look down stream of some of the finest Brookie water you'll find.

Here's my buddy Trey working a pool

Brookie of the Day #1 - Another 9er

While this day wasn't producing quanity, it sure was producing some quality

I'm bring home a baby bumble bee - it was in my trouts belly

This one was just so pretty, I had to show you a picture

And then I scored Brookie of the Day #2 - 3 over 9 in a week - that's pretty sweet

My day ended as I searched for the elusive manway to avoid walking the stream back down. After finally finding it, I once again got lost in the same 2 spots I ALWAYS seem to get lost in. This time it was Trey instead of Crockett with the second set of eyes to get us back on track. Trey seemed to be unsure we were even following a trail at many points, and unless you were in the rhodo tunnel you had to rely on looking for spots over logs people had stepped on for years or use broken branches to navigate and search for clues as to the path it took. It always adds to the adventure at the end of the day, and once again we made it out just fine. Back at the parking lot I talked to an Ohio couple who had been fishing. The wife had caught her first Brookie up ther today. I wonder if she'll be as "hooked" as I am

And Mac, your right Knoxville isn't so bad
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