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When the water is low & clear 6X couldn't hurt, but it probably wasn't the problem. My fishing on Sunday netted me 1/3 of the fish I caught on Wed, and Sunday I was on a better section. I guess that's why they call it fishing, and not catching

Sometimes those Brookies seem to stay in hiding. You also may be starting a bit too early.

Ooh and if you are just dry fly fishing, that could also be a problem. On Sunday EVERY fish I caught was on the dropper. I see you were using nymphs. Were you high sticking, or using an indicator. I know when I high stick, I don't even notice many subtle strikes

You alsoneed to become a boot print detective. If you see boot prints I'd find a new section to fish.

My buddy blamed the full moon for the slow fishing Sunday. I'm sure others may chime in with other ideas
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