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Default Bradley ??

TFnut, We fished Bradley last Friday. We started on the "Luftee" but an early morning storm made the water murky and high so we moved to the Bradley. My fishing buddy fished low as in the campgrounds and I wasn't much higher. Both of us are "diehard" dry fly guys but we did manage some nice fish...... we didn't have the numbers that we normall have but the sizes were impressive. I had several bows and browns in the 7-9" range with one brown around 12-13" and my buddy had a couple of bows in the 9-10" range. The water level is excellent and the water temp was 57 degrees.......we couldn't have asked for a much better day except in quantity ............... not sure what might have caused your sluggish day , but thats why they call it "fishin'' and not "catchin".

Best to you.....
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