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Originally Posted by Dancing Bear View Post

I think I know where you were. Would you do it solo?

I wasn't trying to keep the stream a secret. Just trying to stay on that fine line between getting the info out (may have to add 2+2 together - or e-mail me & ask), and not trying to upset the anti-naming comittee

As for solo. I have not done it yet. I'm pretty cautious though. I know plenty of people who dive in much deeper solo without incident all the time. On the other hand, I broke a finger ther on Sunday, and with the temp displacement on the manway, one without a good GPS, or map & compass skills could spend alot of time in the rhodo. The rhodo is pretty thick. Freddie and I decided to cut across the rhodo because we knew it would intersect the manway. It took us an hour to go 100 yards

If you want better verbal directions on how to find the manway, I will be happy to provide them to you. I usually am against flagging, but there was one spot that if we would have not seen it, we would have missed the entrance to the rhodo tunnel out, and I'm glad to whoever put it there. It will be a little easier going than when we found it Just make sure to let someone know exactly where you are. I'm lucky enough to have friends that would come to look for me that night as opposed to the park service waiting till the next day. Also many of the trees have been knotched, and while faint will keep you on course. It also seems to follow some big trees, so if you lose it that may get you back on track. From top to bottom it goesCreek bottom area - Rhodo - Open - small stream - Open - another stream - Getting thicker and hard to follow - Rhodo tunnel - Stream confluence.

If you go please post a report
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