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CS24 has always been my choice of backcountry sites when wanting to fish....just a great location for jumping off to a myriad of could stay a week there and never fish the same water twice. It is 3.7 miles from the trailhead to the old turn around where the rivers fork. The campsite is a large one and you can usually find a site that gives you a little taste of solitude. CS24 is about 1/2 mile further on and here you have an actual trail rather than following an old road bed....I can actually remember driving that 3.7 miles and parking my car to start my hike in. CS30 is another 2 miles up the trail and is in a region my family knew as "3 forks"...not to be confused with the region in NC around Raven Creek. I used to fish this area a lot when you could drive within 2 miles but now it is over 6 miles and is hard for an old man to do in a day. If you camp at CS24 and start fishing upstream from there you will probably get a Slam without leaving the river....the higher you go the more brookies you will find. If you are going to be there for a couple of days hike back down head up Fish Camp Prong toward Goshen Prong...walk in about a mile or so before you start fishing...where the trail turns to the left and there is a large white bolder is a great place to start fishing....there is also good fishing from the forks of the river back to the campsite...please give us a report and photos.
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