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Wilson 10

Shawn had a size 14 sulphur SPINNER, NO Hackle just flat tie dun poly wings. He cast it into slow side water and chugged & twitched "bass bug style" and recieved savage strikes.

It is entirely possible that during the overnight hours there was a spinner fall so the fish are accustomed to seeing dying mayflies on the surface.

Actually fishing during a spinner fall is a rare event for most people; it has happened to me only a few times and I do not carry flies to "match" them.

Too often we ASSUME so much about trout behavior; surprises keep it interesting. While it's nice to just go out and catch trout on the seemingly can't miss times I much enjoy tougher fishing like saturday afternoon at the church when the fish had about seen everything by the time I got there... still managed several nice fish but boy did I need to work for them.

Hope to have some of HUGH's split cases made up by Saturday but the CABLE GUY is coming that morning to fix the mess he made last week so I don't know if I will make it.
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