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Originally Posted by tnflyfisher View Post
When you drift an area so many times that you create your own hatch and get the fish looking up...
I completely agree with this idea and I have utilized it many times with quick-subtle-repetitive casts.

Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
Shawn had a size 14 sulphur SPINNER, NO Hackle just flat tie dun poly wings. He cast it into slow side water and chugged & twitched "bass bug style" and recieved savage strikes.

It is entirely possible that during the overnight hours there was a spinner fall so the fish are accustomed to seeing dying mayflies on the surface.

Actually fishing during a spinner fall is a rare event for most people; it has happened to me only a few times and I do not carry flies to "match" them.

Corbo, I was actually trying to not mimic a spinner and fishing size 12s. I have been wearing them out on this pattern/technique and I do not plan on throwing anything but dries for the next month or so....This is my time of year for dry humping it.

Here is the pattern I am throwing.
  • Size 12-14 hook
  • sulphur dry fly dubbing
  • wing (grey poly + strip of black antron)
  • figure 8 wrap the wing and then wrap several times parachute style to keep them up-swept-*the idea is not to mimic a spinner, but to mimic an adult dry with up-swept wings.
  • add some cement to the wing base to keep them high.
  • don't add hackle as it will mask the thorax profile-idea is to promote quick recognition for the trout
  • fish fairly tight and allow it to drift past your cast landing, then finger twitch to induce strikes.
  • also works spectacular in fast water...
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