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Originally Posted by William View Post
How big is big? I think mine was a 16 or so...
I said BIG... notice the large capital letters.
While hunting Last week, I lost the largest park rainbow that I have seen so far and he swam off with my #8 but I know where he lives and will be paying him a visit again here soon...

Don't let that distract you though, just keep at it. Learning to read a stream comes with experience and a lot of time on the water. Next time you are out, first try fishing the tail of every run for a few drifts. You might be spooking fish holding there without realizing it and then you are getting denied for the rest of that stretch. After you do that, then try to get your fly right on that edge between the fast water and the slower water. For lack of better description, you want your fly in the middle. Not out in the fast water sweeping by in a NY minute and not at a dead stop in the slow water. And just to confuse you even more, you still want to fish those sections but I just looked at the clock and our hour is up, so I will cover that next session...

Seriously, just try that for a while and be mindful of your drift and keeping it drag free. I would tie on a #12 Adams or Yellow Sallie and go to town...

Tight Lines,
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