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Default Cooking up an idea...

So, with all these recent posts and pics involving trout that are now swimming in that big blue river in the sky... this gave me a tasty idea.

First off...
I am going to add a disclaimer here so as to not offend anyone who is against keeping a trout for human consumption. If the thought of this makes you squeamish or gets your blood pressure up, please take this opportunity to browse another thread and DO NOT continue reading...

Now with that out of the way... any interest in organizing a friendly get together to cook up some trout where you can show off your favorite recipe/style/technique/etc...?? I thought it might be a neat experience to be able to sample different recipes from other forum members. I know I sure would like to...

Some examples I thought of...
Stay at a group site at Elkmont where everyone could fish and then 'get to cookin' Or even a BC site for the truly adventurous... Or does not even have to involve camping/fishing at all and can just be BYOF and meet up at some picnic pavilion.

Tight Lines,
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