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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
If this were possible I could go to the Clinch or any other river, tie on any fly I choose and if I drift it enough times the fish will eventually think it is a hatch and start eating a fly no matter how absurd it might be for where ever I am fishing.

Anyone who believes the above please raise your hand?
I put $10,000 down on it if you have the balls to show up this time.

You drinking again Jim Jordan or experiencing that little man's syndrome again? I thought we had a talk about this last time and how you were going to try and do better(?) I saw your ride at Miller's Sunday and I am sure we will run in to each other...

I have one of the most varied fly boxes you will ever see and I catch fish consistently on anything I throw. Now your philosophy of throwing a bhpt would bore me to death and I would rather fish with worms if that is all I threw...
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