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I think Brook trout are beautiful but they are so absolutely foolish, gullible and MOOCHIE that I do believe they will eat anything they might even imagine is food. It bores the crap out of me to catch them; and i consider them "by-catch".

No doubt TWRA stocks them in the Clinch so people can feel successful fly fishing when the rainbows are fussy and the brown trout are totally tight lipped.

I caught a pile of brookies Saturday afternoon at the Church in water that had been totally SPANKED ALL DAY. I fished a spot after two guys left in disgust and still caught brookies and a couple bows.

So then this dude (about 60 and old enough to know better manners) totally tramples in front of me across the flow I'm fishing into with a dry-dropper and says, "Excuse me; I'm just passing through" and then proceeds to CAST his way through 20 feet away from me and tramples over the water I'm fishing. Well the dude had a CREEL on his hip and the last I saw him it was still empty.... not talented enough to catch a fool brookie.

SO If ANYONE is making a claim that they can throw something long enough to give the appearance of a hatch to fish in a river (any river) and expecting to catch fish.... I would expect it to be brook trout that would put up with someone casting over them 200 times to "create the illusion of a hatch" and then catch the fish... fact is if brook trout are in the water you are fishing you will likely catch them regardless of fly. presentation or spanking the crap out of them.

withdraw your bet Shawn.
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