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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
I put $10,000 down on it if you have the balls to show up this time.

You drinking again Jim Jordan or experiencing that little man's syndrome again? I thought we had a talk about this last time and how you were going to try and do better(?) I saw your ride at Miller's Sunday and I am sure we will run in to each other...

I have one of the most varied fly boxes you will ever see and I catch fish consistently on anything I throw. Now your philosophy of throwing a bhpt would bore me to death and I would rather fish with worms if that is all I threw...

You didn't see my ride at Millers on Saturday, I haven't fished at Millers in probably 15 years, and haven't been on the Clinch since March. I was deep in the woods.

My wording was poor, and we can certainly catch fish on a wide variety of flies to each of our liking or choosing. And as I have said before, I am stuck in a horrible rut when it comes to pattern variations on our tailwaters. I do not doubt for one second that fish can be caught on any manner of patterns, and most of the patterns that you post up here would work.

I was referring to tricking fish into thinking a hatch is starting. Like a lot of wild critters, fish are pretty in tune with what is going on around them, and duping them into thinking it is a hatch is difficult to believe.

Duping them into eating a wide variation of flies is not hard to believe, and I absolutely agree that many many different flies will work, and many times something random can work better than an old stand by. Hope that clarifies my post from last night.

Don't be so touchy, I wasn't trying to start any pissing matches, not this time
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