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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
You didn't see my ride at Millers on Saturday, I haven't fished at Millers in probably 15 years, and haven't been on the Clinch since March. I was deep in the woods.

My wording was poor, and we can certainly catch fish on a wide variety of flies to each of our liking or choosing. And as I have said before, I am stuck in a horrible rut when it comes to pattern variations on our tailwaters. I do not doubt for one second that fish can be caught on any manner of patterns, and most of the patterns that you post up here would work.

I was referring to tricking fish into thinking a hatch is starting. Like a lot of wild critters, fish are pretty in tune with what is going on around them, and duping them into thinking it is a hatch is difficult to believe.

Duping them into eating a wide variation of flies is not hard to believe, and I absolutely agree that many many different flies will work, and many times something random can work better than an old stand by. Hope that clarifies my post from last night.

Don't be so touchy, I wasn't trying to start any pissing matches, not this time
I can appreciate your clarification and I respect your point.

However, I do disagree about creating an artificial hatch. The logic and correct method allows for this to be possible. ....Not saying you can trick a trout to thinking there is a mayfly hatch in December....but, if you can trick them to taking a dry sulphur-why not trick them in to thinking there is a hatch with repetitive approaches of the same fly...?

I have tons of new video with my new HD Hero. However; my pc is super slow at editing the high-end video. I will try and put together a video illustrating my idea and how I fish it both from the fisherman perspective and the trout perspective underwater.

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