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Nice report...

Originally Posted by Grannyknot View Post
I believe you are thinking of the Bald River, and yes there is a trailhead at the falls. The North River has a FS road that runs along 90% of it.
And yes, similar bugs that you would find elsewhere in the mountains.
What he said...
The North is a really fun little river to fish. Might I recommend trying the lower section where it empties into the Tellico. I have always done well down there. Also, the area of stream around Donley Cabin. Some nice looking water that tends to hold some bigger fish. If you want some brookie action, drive up the road to where things start to climb in elevation and you see the river getting skinny. As far as flies go, the usual suspects will work there as well...

Originally Posted by GrouseMan77 View Post
Personally, I hate fishing streams that lack betting and fisticuffs.

Tight Lines,
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