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There are many opinions on what to bring for BC camping but i would encourage you to keep looking into what you feel would work for you. There are many close BC campsites that would make for an excellent first BC adventure.

Like you, i do FC camping as much as i can with the wife and family dog but there is defiantly something special about a couple days in the BC.

The links that some of the others have offered are excellent sources of information that i used when i started looking into BC camping. I am sure many here would be happy to share their packing lists for examples and your review. Send me your email address and i would be happy to share my packing list.

As already stated there seems to be two BC camping approaches. I think "Oldman" uses the Boy Scout approach, be prepared for anything, (just kidding with you Oldman).

My pack for example, includes 2 pounds for water, 6 days of food and i bring waders (Getting old and soft) comes in at 34 lbs, Country Boy can Survive Method.

Good luck and there is nothing like the BC.
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